Dina’s Salon – An AVEDA Concept Salon

Beautiful hair naturally
We are experts in hair care. Our use of Aveda products ensures your hair will be healthier every time you visit us.

  • Hair cutting
  • Hair coloring
  • Highlighting and low-lighting
  • Straightening and Perms

8 thoughts on “Dina’s Salon – An AVEDA Concept Salon

  1. Whittney Powell

    Hi I was wondering how much it would cost to get my hair colored. I have hair extensions sewn in so that would be the bulk of what you are coloring. My hair is already blonde but I want it to be more of an blonde ombre. Let me know if any of your stylist would be comfortable doing that and how much it would cost ?You’d need a bleach or a lighter to lighten up the end then a low light to dark the middle so it fades a little better. The hair is already died so I know it’s all human and dies well. If you think one of you’re stylist could handle this let me know and I’d like to make an appointment this week hopefully wednesday. Thanks

    1. skybonnie Post author

      Hi Whitney, thank you for your inquiry. Please call Dina directly to get a response to your particular question. 818-888-3109

  2. Xiomara

    Hi I was wondering if this is the same salon that was by the name of Total Look at the Promenade??thanks I am not sure if it’s the same Dina that I know

  3. Pearl Laravea

    I’ve been trying to find Dina that use to cut Jay Leno’s hair and back in the 80’s had her salon in the back of her house. She always used Aveda products…beautiful blonde…are you the one?


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